Mukojima has its own history and culture that has infused the town with a charm that reflects its inhabitants' lives.

Association of Mukojima Studies was established for three purposes: 1) revalue unused local resources, 2) utilize those local resources and 3) encourage local revitalization from within the town.


To review the values of local resources of Mukojima, to foster a safe, vibrant, cultural- ly-rich environment and to improve the attractiveness of Mukojima.


  1. Collecting and providing information on local resources
  2. Supporting revitalizing activities for the region
  3. Researching on home and city planning
  4. Holding events and lectures on art and city
  5. Interacting with other civic groups

Urban development with resident participation has been promoted in the Kyojima and Ichitera-kototoi districts of Mukojima since the 1980's. In 1998 a civic group named Kawanote Club was established. They propose and research development plans for Mukojima and create opportunities for exchange with various NPOs from within Japan and abroad.

SONOTA, a group made up of architects and urban planners, was established in 1998. It was founded after the members participated in an international design workshop in which German, Turkish and Korean universities participated. Since then, they have carried out activities to discover and reevaluate local resources of Mukojima. The Kawanote Club and SONOTA organized the Mukojima Exposition in 2000, in which local groups in Mukojima and NPOs and artists from other places participated.


Association of Mukojima Studies was formed in 2002, based on members of the Mukojima Exposition Committee. From this background, the association consists of such people as principal members of the urban development council and various NPOs, experts in architecture and urban planning, academic researchers, and artists. In 2004, the Mukojima Studies Association was officially recognized as an incorporated NPO.